Double & Triple Glazed uPVC Windows

We offer an extensive range of UPVC windows. Replacing old worn out windows can instantly transform the appearance of your home, eliminate draughts and reduce energy bills, as well as increasing your properties overall value.

Our UPVC window collection features a wide range of styles, designs and finishes. Whether you are looking for something traditional or contemporary, we are confident we can find the right solution for your home.

Tailored made to suit your specifications, our replacement windows will be a perfect fit for your property.

Double or Triple glazed windows?

Our made-to-measure, windows are manufactured to an exceptionally high standard, with Double Glazed and Triple Glazed options available.

Enjoy the comfort you deserve as you relax in a warm draught-free home, thanks to our energy-efficient options. There are many benefits by upgrading your windows which we will outline for you here:

Energy Efficiency

Installing new DOUBLE or TRIPLE glazed windows and doors in your property with increase the energy efficiency of your home and help you to save money on your heating bills.

Our windows are rated ‘A’ for energy efficiency, so you can be sure that they are thermally efficient.

It keeps you warmer

Triple glazed windows are noticeably better at insulating rooms than their double glazed counterparts. With a whole extra pane of window glass and insulating layer, you will be very warm inside a home with triple glazing throughout – though you should ensure your frames and walls are as insulated as your windows to minimise energy loss!

It reduces condensation

Have you ever woken up to beady drips of water on your window? Same here. It is not fun mopping up windowsills first thing in the morning, triple glazing almost completely eliminates condensation problems and helps reduce damp/mold around your window frames.

It will save you money

Unless your windows are really old or only single glazed, double glazed windows are more than enough compared to triple glazing. In the case of replacing old windows, the extra cost of triple glazing windows will certainly save you money on your energy bills. This is because you will be conserving more heat inside your home. Cha Ching!!!


Benefit from the security of steel-reinforced uPVC frames that mean minimum maintenance worries.

The extra pane of glass makes triple glazed windows a lot more difficult to break. Intruders will have a harder time breaking into your home, panes can be reinforced further for especially at-risk windows.

It reduces noise

While the sound of children laughing and playing can be a gift to our ears, sometimes you just want a bit of peace and quiet or is your house situated beside a busy road?

Triple glazing could revolutionise your home by providing extra sound insulation for those moments were you just want some peace and quiet.


Our high-quality uPVC Windows are available in a wide variety of styles and colours, all of which will enhance the look and feel of your home – including a selection of woodgrain finishes.

We offer high-quality Casement Windows, Sash Windows, Tilt and Turn Windows, Windows, French Windows, Dormer Windows, Bay Windows and Secondary Glazing.


From the glass, uPVC frame, handles, hardware and mechanism to the actual installation –  All windows and doors come with 10 year manufacturer guarantee.

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